Hui Zhao Research Group

 Research Goals

Our major research goals are to understand ultrafast electron dynamics and their interactions with light on nanometer scales. We use ultrafast lasers to manipulate, control, and detect electrons in nanomaterials, in order to understand energy relaxation, real space transport, spin dynamics, and radiative recombination of excited electrons. The materials studied include traditional three-dimensional bulk crystals of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide; traditional two-dimensional quantum-well structures; new two-dimensional atomically-thin films of graphene, molybdenum disulfide, gallium selenide; and one-dimensional carbon nanotubes and gallium arsenide nanowires. Our recent research topics include nanoscale ballistic electron transport in semiconductors, observation of the intrinsic inverse spin Hall effect, nonlinear optical effects of charge and spin currents, and electronic dynamics in graphene and other two-dimensional materials.