Hui Zhao Research Group

Peymon Zereshki

Primary office:
B146, Integrated Science Building

  • From Iran
  • B.S. in Physics (Razi University, Iran)
  • M.S. in Computational Solid State Physics (Razi University, Iran)
  • Joined KU on Fall 2015

Selected Publications

1. Peymon Zereshki, Yaqing Wei, Run Long*, and Hui Zhao*, Layer-Coupled States Facilitate Ultrafast Charge Transfer in a Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Trilayer HeterostructureThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 5970-5976 (2018).

2. Peymon Zereshki, Yaqing Wei, Frank Ceballos, Matthew Z. Bellus, Samuel D. Lane, Shudi Pan, Run Long*, and Hui Zhao*, Photocarrier Dynamics in Monolayer Phosphorene and Bulk Black PhosphorusNanoscale 10, 11307-11313. 

3. Frank Ceballos, Peymon Zereshki, and Hui Zhao*, Separating Electrons and Holes by Monolayer Increments in van der Waals HeterostructuresPhysical Review Materials 1, 044001 (2017). 

4. Shudi Pan, Frank Ceballos, Matthew Z. Bellus, Peymon Zereshki, and Hui Zhao*, Ultrafast Charge Transfer Between MoTe2 and MoS2 Monolayers2D Materials 4, 015033 (2017).