Hui Zhao Research Group

Nardeep Kumar

Primary office:

  • From India
  • Joined KU on Spring 2010
  • Graduated on Fall 2014 (Ph.D.)
  • Current employment: Veeco Instruments

Selected Publications

15. Nardeep Kumar, Jiaqi He, Dawei He, Yongsheng Wang, and Hui Zhao, Valley and Spin Dynamics in MoSe2 Two-Dimensional Crystals, Nanoscale 6, 12690 (2014). 

14. Nardeep Kumar, Qiannan Cui, Frank Ceballos, Dawei He, Yongsheng Wang and Hui Zhao, Exciton diffusion in monolayer and bulk MoSe2Nanoscale 6, 4915-4949 (2014). 

13. Nardeep Kumar, Qiannan Cui, Frank Ceballos, Dawei He, Yongsheng Wang, Hui Zhao, Exciton-exciton annihilation in MoSe2 monolayers, Physical Review B 89, 125427 (2014). 

12. Nardeep Kumar, Sina Najmaei, Qiannan Cui, Frank Ceballos, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Jun Lou, and Hui Zhao, Second harmonic microscopy of monolayer MoS2Physical Review B 87, 161403(R) (2013). [Rapid Communication] [Editor's Suggestion]

11. Nardeep Kumar, Jatinder Kumar, Chris Gerstenkorn, Rui Wang, Hsin-Ying Chiu, Arthur L. Smirl, and Hui Zhao, Third harmonic generation in graphene and graphite thin films, Physical Review B 87, 121406(R) (2013). [Rapid Communication]

10. Nardeep Kumar, Jiaqi He, Dawei He, Yongsheng Wang, and Hui Zhao, Charge carrier dynamics in bulk MoS2 crystal studied by transient absorption microscopy, Journal of Applied Physics 113, 133702 (2013). 

9. Nardeep Kumar, B.A. Ruzicka, N.P. Butch, P. Syers, K. Kirshenbaum, J. Paglione,and Hui Zhao, Spatially resolved femtosecond pump-probe study of topological insulator Bi2Se3, Physical Review B 83, 235306 (2011). 
Selected as Editor's Suggestions.

8. Jiaqi He, Nardeep Kumar, Matthew Z. Bellus, Hsin-Ying Chiu, Dawei He, Yongsheng Wang, and Hui Zhao, Electron Transfer and Coupling in Graphene-Tungsten Disulfide van der Waals Heterostructures, Nature Communications 5, 5622 (2014). 

7. Keliang He, Nardeep Kumar, Liang Zhao, Zefang Wang, Kin Fai Mak, Hui Zhao, and Jie Shan, Tightly Bound Excitons in Monolayer WSe2Physical Review Letters 113, 026803 (2014). 

6. Qiannan Cui, Frank Ceballos, Nardeep Kumar, and Hui Zhao, Transient Absorption Microscopy of Monolayer and Bulk WSe2ACS Nano 8, 2970-2976 (2014).

5. Rui Wang,Hui-Chun Chien, Jatinder Kumar, Nardeep Kumar, Hsin-Ying Chiu, and Hui Zhao, Third-Harmonic Generation in Ultrathin Films of MoS2ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 314-318 (2014).

4. Caitlin Rochford, Nardeep Kumar, Jianwei Liu, Hui Zhao, and Judy Wu, All-optical Technique to Correlate Defect Structure and Carrier Transport in Transferred Graphene Films, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5, 7176-7180 (2013).

3. Maogang Gong, Alec Kirkeminde, Nardeep Kumar, Hui Zhao, and Shenqiang Ren, Ionic-passivated FeS2 photocapacitors for energy conversion and storage, Chemical Communications 49, 9260-9262 (2013).

2. Rui Wang, Brian A. Ruzicka, Nardeep Kumar, Matthew Z. Bellus, Hsin-Ying Chiu, and Hui Zhao, Ultrafast and spatially resolved studies of charge carriers in atomically-thin molybdenum disulfide, Physical Review B 86, 045406 (2012).

1. B.A. Ruzicka, Nardeep Kumar, S. Wang, K.P. Loh, and Hui Zhao, Two-probe study of hot carriers in reduced graphene oxide, Journal of Applied Physics 109, 084322 (2011).