Hui Zhao Research Group

Lalani Werake

Primary office:

  • From Sri Lanka
  • Joined KU on Spring 2006
  • Graduated on Fall 2011 (Ph.D.)
  • Current employment: Intel Corp.

Selected Publications

8. Lalani K. Werake, B.A. Ruzicka,and Hui Zhao, Observation of intrinsic inverse spin Hall effect, Physical Review Letters,106, 107205 (2011). 
Featured in Physical Review Focus (Electrons curve without help,02/25/2011) and MRS News.

7. Lalani K. Werake and Hui Zhao, Observation of second-harmonic generation induced by pure spin currents, Nature Physics 6, 875 2010. 
Featured in NSF News From the Field.

6. Brian A. Ruzicka, Lalani K. Werake, Guowei Xu, Jacob B. Khurgin, E. Ya. Sherman, Judy Z. Wu, and Hui Zhao, Second-harmonic generation induced by electric currents in GaAs, Physical Review Letters 108, 077403 (2012). [Full Text, copyright APS]
Featured in Physics Today (Frequency-doubled photons can measure current density, March of 2012).
Featured in Physics-Uspekhi (Vol. 55, Issue 4) as Physics News: Detection of electric currents in GaAs based on second-harmonic generation.

5. B.A. Ruzicka, Lalani K. Werake, H. Samassekou, and Hui Zhao, Ambipolar diffusion of photo-excited carriers in bulk GaAs, Applied Physics Letters 97, 262119 (2010). [Full Text, copyright AIP]

4. B.A. Ruzicka, S. Wang, Lalani K. Werake, B. Weintrub, K.P. Loh, and Hui Zhao, Hot carrier diffusion in graphenePhysical Review B 82, 195414 (2010). [Full Text, copyright APS]

3. B.A. Ruzicka, Lalani K. Werake, Hui Zhao, S. Wang, and K.P. Loh, Femtosecond pump-probe studies of reduced graphene oxide thin films, Applied Physics Letters 96, 173106 (2010).[Full Text, copyright AIP]

2. E.J. Loren, B.A. Ruzicka, Lalani K. Werake, Hui Zhao, H.M. van Driel, and A.L.Smirl, Optical injection and detection of ballistic pure spin currents in Ge, Applied Physics Letters 95, 092107 (2009).[full text, copyright AIP]

1. B.A. Ruzicka, K. Higley, Lalani K. Werake, and Hui Zhao, All-optical generation and detection of subpicosecond ac spin-current pulses in GaAsPhysical Review B 78, 045314 (2008).[full text, copyright APS]
Selected as Editor's Suggestions.